I believe it’s 16 weeks that have passed between the end of the Great British Bog Roll Buy Off and the start of The Summer of Love 3.0 – “The Daisy Nook Mix”.  Never has The Chemical Brothers’ Out of Control seemed more appropriate.  

Of course, the big dairy date for this weekend is “Independence Day”, alternatively the celebration of American independence from British rule, the day the pubs open, or, somewhat ironically, the day the pubs close in at least a handful of American states.  But this weekend in England all but Leicester’s pubs open for non-essential drinking and the world’s largest experiment in inebriated social distancing.  Of course, for home-based essential drinking, we’re still here for you. 

And it’s not just 30ish years since the Second Summer of Love, but next week also heralds a particularly loved-up anniversary of my own, as next Tuesday it will be precisely 30 years (a pearl anniversary) since I married my business collaborator, fellow adventurer, wise councillor, best friend and soulmate, Lindsay.  (Really, you thought I was going to say Shaun?)  And she stuck with me!  What did she see in me?  Potential?  (Remember – for 29 of those years I didn’t own a wine shop!)

This is all a very meandering way – and if you’ve ready any of my Co.Ro.Missives, you’ll be well aware that I alwaystake the scenic route? – of coming to the point that I’m taking a couple of days off at the start of next week.  L and I are going, like Cummings, up North for a few days to hunker down in an isolated, unattractive farm bunker.  (Note to self: check vision before journey.)

As Luca is returning to his “proper” job, next week too, Shaun will be flying solo on Monday and Tuesday next week.  In past times, that was never a challenge for us, but it does mean that we’ll be running a reduced delivery service on those two days.  If you need it, Shaun will get your order to you, but it will not be until after he closes the shop, so don’t bank on anything much before 8pm.  If you can, please plan ahead and get us to deliver this weekend?  If you do order on Monday or Tuesday and are not in a hurry, please let Shaun know that it’s OK to deliver the next day, before we open, maybe?  But like I say, if you’re gagging for a drink, Shaun won’t let you go thirsty!

This is cool

If you dropped into the shop last week, you’ll have noticed everything in upheaval once again.  Last week we had heating and air conditioning installed in the shop and cellar… just in time for last week’s mini heat wave to come to a grinding halt!  Whilst we were not looking forward to melting in the next […]

July booze news

There are a few wines back in after differing lengths of absence: After a couple of weeks waiting for stock to arrive from the continent with one of our suppliers, we welcome back Kensal favourites, Crémant de Die and our Alsace Riesling (great value, minerally, dry Riesling). After more than a month, we now have […]

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