If you dropped into the shop last week, you’ll have noticed everything in upheaval once again.  Last week we had heating and air conditioning installed in the shop and cellar… just in time for last week’s mini heat wave to come to a grinding halt! 

Whilst we were not looking forward to melting in the next big heat wave, there’s a more fundamental reason for keeping the shop and cellar temperature under control – the wine.  Last year, during the record spike in heat in July, some of the bottles got so warm that they began to ease their corks out!  Having significantly increased the shop’s range and stock holding in the intervening 12 months, we can’t afford to risk the stock going off and need to look after those babies.

A disadvantage to this is that we now need to keep the shop door closed to keep the cool air in.  All the more reason for continuing to limit the number of people in the shop and limiting the amount of time that people spend in here too.  We’re taking extra care to wipe the shop door handle with anti-viral surface cleaner regularly, to minimise the chances of contagion at touch points and have ordered a hand sanitiser unit to stand outside the door, so you can clean your hands before entering and after leaving the premises.

Other cool news (Shaun may have mentioned this if you were in the shop lately?) for when the sun comes back, we now sell ice in 2kg bags.

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