Jazz at Rise & Vine

Jazz is back at Rise & Vine. After a long layoff started by Covid and extended by many other circumstances, jazz will be back at Rise & Vine from October 2023

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We only started Rise & Vine in the summer of 2019 and already we had begun an inaugural series of (vaguely) monthly jazz evenings. Covid saw that come to a screeching halt. As a taste of good times to come, we thought we’d share some memories of those pre-Covid evenings spent with Sicilian soul and jazz diva Alba Plano, gypsy swing trio Hot House, and, the week before lockdown, a truly memorable night with Heidi Vogel (lead vocalist wit Cinematic Orchestra for many years, now) and her equally talented Brazilian counterpart Josue Ferreira.

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Alba Plano, Sicilian songstress

Alba will be back at Rise & Vine on Friday 20 October 2023. Click here for details and to reserve a seat.

Alba was our first and will always be our Number 1 – Sicilian by birth and temperament, she’ s warm, soulfull and passionate. (And since she last performed with us, she’s become even more colourful – her hair’s turned mauve! Apparently it’s a thing that happens to Sicilians during childbirth… yeah, that too!)

When she first came to us, there were two sides to Alba’s coin: performing her own material plus a selection of Jazz and Soul standards (her version of Sonny is not to be missed); but she was also touring with Amy Winehouse’s old band, fronting in place of the sadly-departed diva. The message here is that Alba’s good. Amy’s band know one when they see one!

Here’s a little clip from Alba’s last album. She’s recorded another, recently (Oct ’23) which is due out soon.

Hot House, djangling gypsy swingers

Keeping it local, we next met Simon Moore who lives only a block from the shop. Simon is part of a collective of musicians dedicated to keeping burning the torch of Gypsy Swing, the guitar-based jazz epitomised by Django Rheinhart.

As a taster of Simon and his pals’ music, here’s a little sampler:

Hot House played their modern take on gypsy jazz twice at Rise & Vine before Covid came crashing in and we are trying to get them back to get them back in November – watch this space (or sign up for our newsletter) to find out when.

Heidi Vogel, legend of Brazil

Yoiu may know Heidi from her long-term collaboration with The Cinematic Orchestra? (Check out ‘A Promise’ from their 2019 album, To Believe.)

With us, Heidi got back to her Brazilian roots accompanied by fellow countryman Josue Ferreira on guitar and vocals with a sultry, emotionally charged night of contemporary bosa nova infused beauty.

We definitely intend to get back Heidi (and Josue, too, if he’s in the country), so once again… watch this space / sign up for news.

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