There are a few wines back in after differing lengths of absence:

After a couple of weeks waiting for stock to arrive from the continent with one of our suppliers, we welcome back Kensal favourites, Crémant de Die and our Alsace Riesling (great value, minerally, dry Riesling).

After more than a month, we now have the new vintage (2019) of the Defaix Bourgogne Blanc, a super crisp, refreshing, flinty white Burgundy from a Chablis producer in the north of the region

And after 18 months absence, we are absolutely delighted to welcome back the gorgeous, biodynamic/organic Bourgeois Diaz ‘3C’ Champagne – which now has a super chic label, to boot.  It’s called ‘3C’ because it includes all 3 of the classic Champagne grape varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Between them they provide the full gamut of classic Champagne flavours, from a clean, lemony citrus upper range to deeper, rounder, yeasty, biscuity bass notes.  And good organic Champagnes are still few and far between.

A few new wines in this week too:

From Bergdolt-Reif & Nett in Germany, we have recently taken delivery of two great Rieslings and a Muskateller.  The ‘Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung’ (Faith, Love, Hope) is a great value dry Riesling with a predominantly grapefruit crispness. It’s only £12.  A little dearer, but still a pretty accessible £17, is the similarly dry, but all together more complex Avant Garde Riesling.  

The Muskateller is a dry fermented Muscat. Muscat is a naturally sweet grape, but in this case has been fermented to completely turn all of its sugar to alcohol to produce a dry, refreshing wine with a whole orchard of blossom and fruit wafting around inside it.  Absolutely delicious, super-chilled, in the garden (or the park), with a salty snack!

Last week, we also took delivery of Renegade Urban Winery’s ‘Jamie’ Pet Nat.  It’s a light, zesty, naturally sparkling wine (pétillant naturel) made in Bethnal Green (yup!) from elderflowery Bacchus grapes grown in Hertfordshire.  Again, a cracker for afternoon drinking in summer gardens.

A new rosé that I don’t think I told you about yet is the Gris Marin.  A very pale ‘gris’ wine – so pale it’s called grey.  It’s grown down in the Camargue, coastal marshland home of pink flamingoes, white horses and black bulls, down on the French Mediterranean coast, where it’s sandy soils produce a light, ever so slightly salty, crisp, dry wine.  We have another rosé from down that way arriving on a pallet imminently:  A rare, delicious Picpoul rosé.  There’s still a chance it will be available at the end of the week, but next week is looking more likely.  Finally, at the same time, from the producers of the Versant Viognier, we’re also taking delivery of a delicious, creamy, very well priced Chardonnay – “Romarion”, only £12.

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