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June 4, 2020
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Week 9 of Lockdown, or Week 2 of Lockdown Lite?

So we’re continuing with doing a bit of this and a bit of that.  Our deliveries continue, but not quite at the hectic pace at the height of our incarceration, for obvious reason.  Sales over the threshold, which we’ve cleverly christened “Threshold Sales” – see what we did there? – have picked up too, more than aided by the fab weather that you’ve been enjoying on the other side.  (Of the threshold… of lockdown…?)

Don’t forget that there’s the hybrid Click&Collect option, too. If you fancy getting out the house, but don’t want to waste valuable exercise/sunbathing time at our front door, email your order in as you have been doing for deliveries, specifying that you want to collect.  We’ll phone you and take payment when your order is ready to pick up, which should roughly be within the next hour, if you send your order in after 1pm and an hour before we close, which is 7pm, Monday – Wednesday and 8pm, Thursday – Saturday.

For the time being, we’re still not opening on Sundays.  And please note that we’ll be closed this Bank Holiday Monday.

A Lockdown Birthday

Our hearts go out to everybody celebrating ’big birthdays’ under lockdown.  We’ve delivered to 18ths (mum ordered!) to a 70th in the last few weeks.  It must be particularly hard to have your 18thunder lockdown?  We can empathise.  It’s our birthday next week.  We’ll be a year old on Friday!

To help us mark the 1st anniversary of the day we took over from Borough Wines, we’re offering a couple of interesting deals…

First are our Special 19 cases: curated to celebrate the evolution of our business form a period of May ’19 to Covid-19!  We’ve selected some wines that have been with us from the Borough Wines days and then others that have joined us on the journey.  Their average price is over £20, but we’re offering each case at a special price of £114, which works out at £19 per bottle.  We’ll give you more detail in our wines of the week email at the beginning of next week, but in brief they’re as follows:

Special 19 – Reds(£114 – £19 per bottle)
Ponte Viro Primitivo (Italy), Domaine de Tourelles Vielles Vignes (Lebanon), Jones Fitou (France), Nett Pinot Noir (Germany), Borsao Zarihs Syrah (Spain), Domaine de Mourchon (France)

Special 19 – Whites and more(£114 – £19 per bottle)
El Garbi Garnacha Blanco (Spain), Domaine de Millet Chablis (France), Girard et Fils Sancerre (France), Yangarra Roussane (Australia), Maïa Provence Rosé (France), and Désiré Petit Cremant de Jura (France, sparkling)

Alternatively, we’re also offering our ‘classic’ selection – those wines that just sell and sell for us…

The Rise&Vine Classic 6 (£76, saving more just over £1 per bottle) 
Versant Viognier (white, France), L’Abeille Picpoul (white, France), Cantele Primitivo (red, Italy), Tommolo Montepulciano (red, organic, Italy), Bréton Provence Rosé (rosé, France), Monge Granon Cremant de Die (sparkling, France) 

The Rise&Vine Classic 3 (£37, saving £1 per bottle) 
Versant Viognier (white, France), Cantele Primitivo (red, Italy), Bréton Provence Rosé (rosé, France)

The Rise&Vine Classic 4(£52, saving £1 per bottle) 

Add a bottle of Monge Granon Cremant de Die (sparkling, France) to the Classic 3.

Easing back on Health/care Heroics

For now, we’re going to ease back on the encouraging donations to Health/care Heroes (but we’ll continue health/care workers discounts for the time being).

  1. Our doorstep discussions with various medics tell me that things are returning to some semblance of normality in our hospitals and frontline care facilities;
  2. I think that all of our health/care hero customers have been bought at least one bottle of wine or handful of beers by another of our generous customers; 
  3. We don’t want to abuse the generosity of our suppliers (And Union and GWS) supplying those reduced-price beers and wines – they have their own struggles to face; but perhaps most crucially…
  4. We don’t want to over encourage this kind of thing at this stage, as we want our generous customers to keep their morale powder dry in case there’s a second wave and all those hard-working health/care heroes need to be bought drinks again!  

Drinks News

There’s been a huge collective sigh of relief in KR/QP now that we have a plentiful supply of Versant Viognier, again.  And a lot of positive uptake in the new wines that we brought in from my old stomping ground down in Provence / the Côtes-du-Rhône.  So much so, that we’ll probably run out of the new Domaine de Valdition Rosé by the start of next week.  But don’t panic, we only bought in a small amount to check if you’d like it.  You obviously do, and so we’ve already placed an order for considerably more which will be with us in just over a week.  In the interim, many other rosé options are also available.  Drop by and try the new Domaine de Mourchon Rosé that we’re offering samples of over the threshold at the moment.

Sherry went out of supply recently, but we now have almost a full stock back on the shelves.  The last one that we’re waiting for is the lovely, dark and nutty, extra woody Port of Leith Oloroso.  We’re expecting more of their Lind & Lime gin back at the same time.  Remember that lime-led, slightly salty gin in the beautiful ridged bottle?  And last but not least, today will also see us resupplied with all three of our favourite Vivir Tequilas.

Free Masketeers

For those of you visiting the shop or who I (Guy) have encountered on your doorstep whilst making deliveries, you may have noticed my natty new, orange trimmed mask?  It’s the result of a collaboration between my wife, Lindsay, and an old friend of mine from Edinburgh Art College days, Lynn.  They’ve formed a collaboration to produce and distribute masks for frontline charity workers and the vulnerable people they’re looking after.

GB in mask.jpg

Lynn runs a business designing and supplying uniforms to hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars.  Obviously there ain’t a lot of that happening lately.  So as Lockdown slammed down, Lynn was suddenly looking at a situation where all of the talented machinists at the clothing manufacturer in Essex that she uses were looking down the barrel of redundancy.  But Lynn’s smart and resourceful, and quickly turned her production team to makingscrubs – and making masks from the leftover fabric. 

Lindsay stepped in to help set up crowdfunding [I’ll add link] to support the initial production run, as well as introducing Lynn’s masks to various charities that had need for some form of PPE, but didn’t want to be seen to be taking medical grade material away from frontline health workers.  To date, “Free Masketeers” have distributed nearly 10,000 masks to such deserving recipients as homeless charities and food banks in London and Edinburgh, as well as sending a whole lot with Choose Love to help protect refugees and workers in the migrant camps in France and Greece. Another batch has gone to help protect the veterans in the Erskine Veterans’ Hospital near Lindsay’s family home in Glasgow and in the Scottish Veterans’ Residences. Next on the list are charities in London which are delivering food to needy families. 

Passage Ealing Food.jpg

Free Makesteers go to The Passage homeless charity in Westminster and Ealing Food Bank

Scran Acc.jpg

Scran Academy in Edinburgh delivers food to families in needWhile helping keep a group of threatened workers in some form of employment and helping protect a whole load of vulnerable people (either because of the work they do or the cards that life has dealt them), Lynn and Lindsay have not taken a penny out of this project so far.  (Although they’re both self-employed entrepreneurs with their own companies, and so unsupported by any Government scheme.)  

The Erskine Home.jpg

The Erskine Home for veterans just outside Glasgow

Their next step is to commercialise the project a little and so at least to earn a little money for themselves from their endeavours while continuing to support those in need.  So as businesses go back to work slowly, Free Masketeers is now offering a commercial option for businesses to buy masks for their staff – particularly those who might be expected to travel to work on public transport.  And for every 100 masks that they sell to businesses, 20 will be donated to charities supporting vulnerable people.  

We have a bag of masks here at the shop.  They’re made of medical grade polycotton, are washable, dry quickly and cost £5 each.  The proceeds will be donated to Free Masketeers. Let us know if you want one when you order or come to the shop door.  If you’re interested in buying some for the employees of your business, get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with Free Masketeers.


That’s all for this week.

Keep safe, keep well, keep in touch, keep buying!

Guy and Shaun and the team

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