We've been on the look out for more organics, and this week, we're pleased to welcome these four new lovelies to our list.
Food and wine matching: Roast Beef... Classic Bordeaux, New World Bordeaux blends, big Spanish Reds, Sper Tuscans and some value for money alternatives, all to go with juicy, properly cooked, rare roast beef.
Why the prices you see advertised by some on-line sellers are not quite what you end up paying and how we can never beat the big boys on price.
We've just added 4 new wines to our Italian range - a Sardinian from the Sassicaia people; a rare grape variety from Piedmont; a fancy-schmancy Montepulciano and a sweet, treat from Pantelleria.
We're excited to add to our range two more wines from Master of Wine, Liam Steevenson. A Bordeaux Blanc fills a space that we've wanted to fill for a while. The other, a delicate red Grenache, fulfils a need that we didn't know we had until we tried it. But OMG we need it and you need it to!
We've set up 2 discount coupons for new users of this website. There's one for Rise & Vine newbies - those of you who've never shopped with us on-line before. And there's one for our loyal customers too - those of you who've shopped with us before, but may not yet have used the website. (And yes, even if you have used it before, you can use the coupon code. Just the once though, y'hear?
Here we glow, here we glow, here we glow! Our new neon signs have just gone up and we're chuffed to bits.

Well as if trying to run a fledgling business during a pandemic wasn’t challenging enough, we’ve also been building a new website over the last couple of months. And here it is. Bear with us, folks, this is still very much work in progress, but you can now use this site to make your orders and pay for them.

If you’ve already used our old PDF/email ordering system, we’ve already got your details in our point of sale software and we’re in the process of pulling all your order history over to here. It’ll be very useful to all of us, when it’s finished. If your personal data has been transferred, you can identify yourself by going to MY RISE & VINE and using you email address to request a password. If your details are not there yet just register with us and we’ll merge your data in the days to come. The easiest way to do this is by placing an order

If you’re new to ordering from Rise & Vine, then just push on by selecting products from our wine, beer and spirits list. The order confirmation process will do the rest.

We’ve worked hard to get this site to be best suited to meeting your needs and doing so in our own inimitable style. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. We look forward to hearing your feedback which will help us hone this new tool. Have fun!

We’ve just been refreshing our Chardonnays. We got in two new, top notch Burgundies – the Rully in the picture (left) and a cracking Chassagne Montrachet.

But at the same time we also just imported 30 cases of the ridiculously good value Extrait de Romarion. It’s a Chardonnay that’s been matured with oak too. For £12, you may not get the finesse, complexity and length of the Burgundies, but you do get a great load of Burgundy-like characteristics for your money: A crisp, refreshing start, opening up to rounder stone and stone fruit flavours and finishing with a long, creamy toffee finish.

The Burgundies do all of that and more. Again each will give you that clean, crisp opening, the Chasssgne-Montrachet particularly including touches of blossom in the nose. The deeper, riper fruits follow, balanced by clean mineral elements. Each ends with a creamier, dreamier finish that lingers for an eternity. The difference between the two would be that the Rully is a little lighter, the Chassagne-Montrachet has more caramel in its finish. Both are an investment. Both will pay back dividends!


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