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A case of independence – 12 bottles

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This is a case of twelve of our more unusual wines: 

The six included in our 6 bottle independence case: A biodynamic red from western Provence; an impressive Pinot Noir from Germany; a fashionable Etna Bianco from Sicily; a powerful Chardonnay from the Languedoc side of the Rhône; and two Rosés – a citrus-packed Provençal and a rare Picpoul Rosé.

Plus: 2 bottles of fizz… a classic cuvée from Sussex and a sparkling red from Australia; a Riesling made in Bethnal Green(!); an earthy Chenin Blanc from South Africa; a rich Temparanillo from the coolest winery in Spain’s Ribeiro del Duoro; and a surprisingly punchy Cabernet Franc from Patagonia, Argentina. 

We have selected these wines because there’s something different about them – some are wines that we import directly; some are not widely available from other sources in the UK; some are chosen because they show unusual grape varieties and blends worth discovering; some are all of the above.

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