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We actually have two kinds of Wine Tasting Gift Voucher.  If you’d like to buy vouchers for a specific event, then you do that on the event page itself, so just follow this link to look at what we have coming up and book there.

However, you might like to give a gift voucher to somebody and let them decide what event they’d like to come to?  That’s what this one’s for.  We’ve created several options to choose from, with values equating to our standard event ticket prices.  Just select the which you would like and, if you’d like to buy more than one, please feel free!

If you want, we can send you the gift voucher with its value clearly marked on it but everything else left blank for you to fill in as you wish.  On the other hand, if you’d prefer we can send the card directly to its recipient.  In which case, please enter their address in the shipping address for delivery and also add to and from details that we’d like to add to the card in the notes section of your order, along with the name of the person that you’d like on the voucher’s envelope.  (Here’s what the back looks like, so you can see what you have to play with.)

Of course, you may be buying your wine tasting gift voucher as part of a bigger drinks order and while you want to send your generous gift to your friend, but you’re not so generous as to want to send them all your wine too!  If so, make your delivery address the primary address for the wine delivery and add a note to the order about where you want the voucher to go.  Using the note option, you can send more than one voucher to more than one address.  But if things are getting complex, you might just find it easier to email or phone us and we will sort things out for you.

We will deliver all wine tasting gift vouchers in person to any address within 1.5 miles of the shop as we go about making our free local drink deliveries.  We’ll first-class post to any address further afield, so remember to take that into consideration when you order.

We can also send an electronic version of the voucher, so if you want that sent to another email address, then send us their address too.  Otherwise we’ll send it to you and you can send it on.


If possible, please add the names of other attendees, separated by commas
(recipient’s name, we’ll only put their first name on the voucher, but we need their surname too)
If you know them please add the names of other attendees, separated by commas
(if different from your billing address)

Tasting Vouchers

Here's a great idea for a gift... the opportunity to spend value time drinking wine in our company!!! (No. We'll hear no argument to the contrary.)

Think it might be a cool to give a wine tasting as a gift? Well you can do just that. For each tasting event, there’s an option to buy a voucher to send to a friend (as part of each event’s registration). But there’s another option: You can buy an ‘open’ voucher that the recipient can redeem against the event of their choice.

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