A good sign

It’s been a long time in gestation but we are very, very excited to have finally unveiled our new neon signage on the shop facia.


Image Box heading

Image Box heading

It took a while for a number of reasons:

To begin with, as part of our transition from Borough Wines to Rise & Vine, we needed to keep their brand present for our first year. This was a deliberate strategy. We both wanted to communicate that this was an evolution not a revolution and Borough Wines continue to work with us to this day. However, by the time we celebrated our first anniversary, people were getting confused and still calling us Borough Wines. We need to consolidate our own identity.

We’re both huge fans of proper neon and had wanted neon signs, glowing like beacons to people coming up and down Chamberlayne Road. Our logo was designed specifically with its ability to work in neon in mind. But proper neon is not the cheapest option and we wanted this done well. So over our first year we saved some money to go to London’s leading neon sign specialists, Goodwin & Goodwin, to do us a proper job.

And the third factor was just the damn complexity of what we wanted. We have our motto – “wine, beer and spirit of independence”. We have our swirly ampersand and we wanted to put our motto, with the swirly ampersand, on the ‘prow’ of our facia. “Of course you can”, said Goodwin (or was it Goodwin?). “It’s complicated but we can do that.” And they did too. (And it was too. It took their neon artist two months of head-scratching, floor-pacing, experimenting and fiddling, but he did it.

And so by the end of August they were ready to install. That took them 2 days as well, but from the outset, we knew it was going to be good. Hassan and Brad, the installers were excited about it. Another good sign!

And now it’s up. The neon’s glowing beautifully. The days are shortening / the evenings are getting longer and we don’t care. Long evenings are the best time for neon to shine!

September 10, 2020
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