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It’s been a while, we know, but over the summer months comms and marketing seem a little pointless when half of Kensal Rise is scattered between Cornwall and Croatia. And indeed this is not a full newsletter – consider it a shot across the bowels rather than the full broadside – as I get the feeling we’re still drifting back to Kensal rather than fully ensconced and raring to go.

By next week, Summer will be over and Liz the Fizz will have solved the cost of living, climate and Ukrainian crises and all will be back to normal on Planet Kensal. (By the way, you’ll be relieved to read that this is going to be a short missive, as it’s harder than I had thought typing with all fingers crossed whilst holding two – live; I’m not a Barbarian – rabbits’ feet and peering at my screen through rose tinted spectacles)

This is just a quick note to tell you about a couple of upcoming events so that you can start making plans, booking babysitters and lining your stomachs. I’ll get back to you with a fuller round up of our news towards the end of this week, as there’s new product news to be shared and a full tasting programme from now until Christ… the end of the year. Not to mention a slowly fermenting pot of jaundiced sneering. (Hey! Feedback is that you enjoy this stuff. We’re just fulfilling your need – we do run a wine shop and bar, after all. If you want sneering, I’ll give you sneering!)

2 Tasting Events for your Diary

Open Season, Autumn 2022

Saturday 17 September, 2-6pm

Every season, we try* to hold a free, drop-in, wine tasting just to introduce our established customers to some new wines and to introduce new customers to the whole kit and caboodle. We invite one or two of our suppliers to join us to show us their wares and we get some other – seasonally appropriate – stuff open too. Generally there are over 20 bottles open. All you have to do is turn up ready to sniff, slurp and swallow. (Spitting is an option that is taken remarkably infrequently.)

And if free wine-tasting isn’t enough, all the of the wines open that afternoon will be subject to a 10% discount too.  OMG this is a gift horse if ever there was one.  You know where not to look!

So get your tasting-trousers on and drop in a week on Saturday.

*We had to cancel the summer Open Season at short notice due to a number of circumstances – many people… a lot of customers already away galivanting, half our staff and our invited suppliers all told us that they couldn’t make the planned date.  It’s going to be different this time.

Best of Rise & Vine

Wednesday 21 September 2022, 7pm

First of our guided wine tastings for the season is Best of Rise & Vine.  Partly this is a chance for you to taste the delights of the Rise & Vine snacking menu, including Bath cheese and Lincolnshire charcuterie; and partly it’s a chance for us to share with you some of our favourite ‘unsung heroes’ from our wine list.  You’ve tried Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs, but have you tried Roussanne or Chasan?  Cabernet and Pinot Noir are obvious, but Zweigelt or Marselan?

So we’re putting on a spread of tasty treats to accompany some wines that we’re pretty sure you may not have tried and we’re even more sure that you’re going to luuuurrrrve!

We’ll prepare extensive tasting notes for you to take away and will guide you through each wine sniff-by-sniff and slurp-by-slurp.  We start at 7pm and the evening runs until about 9pm.  Purchases of the wines showcased on the night will be subject to a 10% discount too!

So roll up, roll up. We hope we’ve tempted you with our tantalising tastings and we look forward to seeing you at one of them if you can make it. 

We’ll be back in touch soon with more news, more tastings, and more bants, some time after we’ve had the latest episode of the Balmoral (immoral?) Games – a staring contest between Liz ‘The Prime’ and Liz ‘Past her Prime “but one could still ‘ave you (locked in The Tower, that is)”. 

Prosecco shots, anybody?

See you soon

Guy, Shaun and the Rise & Vine team

for the wine, beer and spirt of independence

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