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Low Alcohol Cider (0.5%), Sheppy’s

A great, crisp, refreshing, no alcohol cider* where the only that’s been removed is the alcohol.

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We source some of our cider from Sheppy’s Farm, just outside Taunton.  Guy’s dad has been dragging him and his family there on trips back to the West Country ever since he was a kid, so when we looked for a proper West Country cider, this was already programmed into Guy’s DNA.

The stuff that Sheppy’s make now is very different from the scrumpy that Guy remebers his dad trying to get them into when they were teenagers.  Nowadays they even do a no/low!* It’s crisp, clean and refreshing with a hint of sweet dessert apple blending with the deeper cider apples flavours.

*This cider is dealcoholised – a process of removing alcohol from a previously standard alcoholic drink – so there will be some trace alcohol in there. It’s generally a lot less than the 0.5% on the label, but that’s the minimum legal alcohol level that can be marked on any product containing any alcohol.  

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