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Grab yourself a discount on your first purchase from this site. We’ve created 2 coupon codes for new site users:

IMNEWHERE is for Rise & Vine newbies and IAMSOINHERE is for those of you who’ve bought from us before but are new to using this site.

IAMSOINHERE: If you’ve bought from us before, using the infamously clunky PDF and email system that we set up for the Lockdown back in Spring – then here’s an incentive to take this super-slick and modern system for a test spin. We’ve transferred all of our previous online buyers’ contact details over to this site. When you enter the code IAMSOINHERE as you complete your first* order here, then you’ll receive a 10% discount on everything in your shopping basket. (That’s not just still wine as is our usual case discount deal.) To do this, you’ll need to log in to your account as you make your purchase. Simply use your email address that you’ve used with us before and then hit reset password to create your own secure password.

IMNEWHERE: If you haven’t shopped with us online before, you can take advantage of the same 10% off deal but you need to use the code IMNEWHERE as you complete your order.

Please note that each coupon code can only be used once and the use of each is restricted to existing and new customers respectively. IAMSOINHERE won’t work for new customers and IMNEWHERE won’t work for old hands! (Sorry. We’re generous but we still have rent, staff and suppliers to pay!)

* However, when we say your first purchase, that’s not strictly true. If you feel you have a bigger purchase in you a little later down the line, you can keep your coupon for then.

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November 3, 2020
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