Twickledown Beercanomics

We’ve decided that if we cut the price of the likes of Krug Champagne from £214 to £100 and Sassicaia from £225 to £125, we should be able to make up the ostensibly hefty loss on every bottle by trebling the price of beer while stimulating growth through Krug-drinking. In this way, we expect our top shelf wines to become so popular that their corks will spontaneously pop out and they will literally trickle down touching every part of our business! Kwazy, huh? Why did nobody else think of this?

And it’s not all doom and gloom. Today Kwasi has gone kwite kwazy and set out to rescue the economy by putting an extra wedge into the pockets of every poor and underprivileged banker, management consultant, fund manager, corporate lawyer and other similarly impoverished wretch. Assuming that our little corner of North Weezy is in the ‘above-national-average-income’ bracket (and we’ve delivered up and down these leafy streets so we know you know), we guess some of you will be just itching to splurge like kwazy. So we’d just like to remind you that a Patel Phillippe Aquanaut might be a huge boost to the Swiss economy, but you are supposed to keep it local, know what I mean ??

So let’s lighten the mood a little and get back to temporarily distracting ourselves from all the world’s other miseries by the age-old technique of drinking wine!

Wine tastings

Today’s ‘billy-do’ starts with a quick note to say thank you to everybody that came to last Saturday’s Open Season free drop-in wine tasting. A good time was had by all, I believe. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, although personally my enjoyment was a little hampered by every wine tasting of iron-filings. (Thank you, Covid.) Date for your diary: Open Season Winter 2022, Saturday 17 December (although the more I look at that, I wonder if we shouldn’t do it on the 10th – thoughts?)

Other wine tasting news is that we have our next Wednesday night wine tasting coming up on October 12 – tickets still available online or from the shop.

Autumn Reds

Wednesday 12 October 2022, 7pm

Tickets £25 from the shop or this website

Half-a-dozen red wines chosen to warm your cockles after a bracing walk on the Scrubs or to wash down a hearty stew or soup. To show them to their full potential, the wines will be served with suitably autumnal snacks.

We’ll prepare extensive tasting notes for you to take away and will guide you through each wine sniff-by-sniff and slurp-by-slurp.

We start at 7pm and the evening runs until about 9pm. Purchases of the wines showcased on the night will be subject to a 10% discount too!

Later this Autumn


Wednesday 9 November 2022, 7pm

Tickets £25 from the shop or this website

It’s time to dust off one of our annual wordplays. November is the best time for sparklers, isn’t it? And we’re proud of ours (sparkling wines, that is). Let’s get together and crack some of them open (none of the vintage stuff, we’re afraid) to get in the mood to see us through from Bonfire Night and into the festive season.

A Case of Yule – Festive Selection

Wednesday 7 December 2022, 7pm

Tickets £30 from the shop or this website

And if one wordplay was not enough, come and try ‘A case of Yule’ (apologies to Joni Mitchell). Every year we put together a series of special wine cases selected to see you through the festivities: From fizz to get the party going; to Champagne for raising glasses in toasts; to a good dry white ideal for oysters or smoked salmon; a light but tasty red just ready for ‘the bird’; to bigger red for the inevitable cheese; and finally something sticky to go with something sticky (or more cheese, if that’s your style).

We’ll put together a grazing menu of festively themed food to accompany each wine and let’s get the festivities sorted.

Come dine with us

After having delayed our food offering during the earlier part of the year due to lockdowns (remember them?), staff shortages and illness, and summer holidays, we’d just like to advise you that the Rise & Vine cheeseboard and snacking menu is available again. Drop in any time for a glass of wine and a delicious Bath Soft Cheese, Lincolnshire cold meats, and various antipasti.

People search

Finally, a request for some shared local knowledge: We’re looking for various people to help us grow our business. Do you know of any of the following…

  • A bookkeeper?
  • A joiner/handyperson?
  • A cook or chef interested in running supper clubs or pop-up dining?
  • Someone looking for a part-time retail sales position with good wine knowledge?

If so, either put us in touch with them, or put them in touch with us?

That’s all for now, folks.

Stay safe, stay well, stay warm (the heating is free in your local wine bar)

Guy, Shaun and the Rise & Vine team

for the wine, beer and spirt of independence

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